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In other words…food to live for!


Visit us at an upcoming Vancouver farmers market! We offer an array of mouth-watering, all natural treats, breakfast items and breads.

Our baking is truly unique. Each recipe is chosen and crafted by Natural Chef Lisa, to ensure you get a good dose of fibre, protein and healthy fat with each bite. Our pantry includes high-quality ingredients with many local and organic items. We use only whole food binders such as flax, chia and psyllium. (Plus, it all just happens to be gluten-free.) We have plenty of paleo and vegan options too, along with dairy-free, keto-friendly and low-sugar items that call for small amounts of honey, maple syrup or dates. We have something for just about everyone. Enjoy!


Our Market Schedule

September 15 — Riley Park

September 23 — Mount Pleasant

October 27 — Riley Park

November 24 — Riley Park Winter

December 22 — Riley Park Winter

January 26 — Riley Park Winter

February 23 — Riley Park Winter

March 23 — Riley Park Winter

April 20 — Riley Park Winter

  • The Riley Park Winter Market was formerly known as Nat Bailey. and is still located in the parking lot at the stadium

All items are gluten-free!
(But you wouldn’t know it…)

Cookies $3.00-3.25 ea
Our cookies (except for the almond butter cookie) contain freshly ground organic buckwheat as the main flour, free-run eggs, pure butter, brown cane sugar and organic cane sugar. Feel free to stop by our market stand to see a full ingredient list. 

White Chocolate Macadamia
with Callebaut white chocolate & macadamia nuts

Salted Chocolate Chip
with chocolate chips and topped with crunchy sea salt

Milk Chocolate Chunk
with creamy French milk chocolate

Double Chocolate
with organic cocoa & lots of chocolate chips

Almond Butter
with almond flour & mixed nut & seed pulp for added fibre
– vegan & paleo


Berry Protein Muffin $4.00 ea
(or other seasonal flavour)
local berries, almond flour, maple syrup*, coconut oil* & grass-fed whey protein,
with 10 grams of protein
– paleo & low-sugar

Chai Pear Scone $4.75 ea
(or other seasonal flavour)
with almond flour, honey, coconut oil*
– paleo & dairy-free, low-sugar

Lemon Earl Grey Scone $4.75 ea
(or other seasonal flavour)
with almond flour, honey, coconut oil*
earl grey tea, currants & turmeric*
– paleo & dairy-free, low-sugar

Almond Flour Brownie $4.00 ea
with French dark chocolate,
almond flour, brown cane sugar, pure butter & free-run eggs
– a paleo/grain-free recipe

Peanut Butter Brownie $4.25 ea
our almond flour brownie with organic PB
and crunchy sea salt

Buckwheat Banana Bread $3.50/slice
with bananas*, coconut oil*, free-run eggs,
Canadian honey, freshly ground buckwheat*, freshly ground GF oats,
& chocolate chips or cinnamon & oats
– low-sugar, dairy-free

Coconut Crunch Granola Bar $4.25 ea
with sunflower seeds*,coconut*, flax* & chia* seeds, dates* & maple syrup*
vegan & low-sugar

Flourless Three Seed Baguette $9.00 ea
with flax*, pumpkin* and sunflower seeds*, olive oil* & free-run eggs, & just a touch of honey
(per 1/4 loaf = 4 net grams carbs!)
– paleo, low-sugar, dairy-free & keto-friendly 

* denotes organic ingredient

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